A traditional Greek dessert with a modern twist. Baklava is typically made with thin leaves of filo dough layered with walnuts, sugar, and spices. To stay relevant in the contemporary market, we designed a tin box that still maintains the tradition of the craft while broadening its audience. Illustrated with a portrait of a grandmother rolling dough fills a white background with Kolionasios logo top left and a background story on the opposite side. This black and white beauty caters to both young and old souls.

Logika approached us with a single consideration. None of its existing or future clients could fully understand its range of services.

The solution was to design a website, in order to showcase the entire range of flow and supply chain in a clear and understandable way. Therefore we created, a single page website, where the main character, (a container storage) is traveling (scroll down) passing all possible stages from product manufacture to delivery to the final recipient.

Illustrating this with a pleasant manner, and using infographics, we achieved an easy explanation of the process of contacting each stage separately, as telling a story.

Design without noise, stimulating messages and the motto \\\"See More Do More\\\" applied to our folders, our blocks and our limited edition notebooks, are the ways to communicate our mood.

In the other applications, the stickers with our contact details play a decisive role and function equally, either intruded to our folder, envelope or in the case for DVD.\\\\n

A baptism invitation that differs from the traditional invitations and emphasis on tradition.

We illustrated the typical folk architecture of Andros and its dovecotes.

Silkscreen printed on plywood and wrapped-up on hand-cut canvas where access information and map is also silkscreen printed.

A photographic studio based in Athens. For which we were asked to design their corporate image as well as create their company name.

So, Dot means a tiny mark; the smallest spot on a printed picture. Many dots together form a complete picture. It is also the smallest type of punctuation. It is used at the end of a complete sentence...

In 1986, two young brothers opened a revolutionary frozen yogurt retail concept in Toronto, Canada. It was a modest effort: a small store with an extraordinary product and a great design. A concept wa...

A bar restaurant in Glyfada. We were invited to design the entire business’s printed communication within the customer and consumer. Besides the menus, the goal was to integrate the concept thro...

A fast food brand, member of a large catering & entertainment group, which has been operating in Athens for several decades and which decided to expand its chain in the Balkans.

We were invited to design the logotype and the packaging for the restaurant-pizzeria. The design of the logotype is modest in its implementation, with gentle colors, surpassing the usual vibrant color...

The image of a clinic requires a design without tension or excesses. With the above as the requested result, and based on the functionality of all applications, the design of the company’s imag...

Being a legal entity since 1955 and with a history of more than 4 generations in the construction sector, the company Hatsios - Property Development, commissioned us to redesign their logotype and the...

A women’s shoes boutique in Chalandri. Founded by a family of shoemakers with a history of two generations of expertise in women’s footwear. We were asked to design the logotype and the identity of the company.

The design of the logotype, as well as the entire identity of the company, is simple and clean, with the circle as its base form; a shape that prevails in the interior of the store.

For the signage of the number 22, a font was selected and further manipulated, in order to resemble a pair of shoes; something that after all brings to mind instinctively (the concept of a ‘pair’), the number 2 itself. Or as the slogan of the company explains… a pair is always two!\\\\n